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Immigration Paper Work
Zamora-Services... We are here to help you for all immigration paper work to the United States. We will assist in preparing immigration paperwork with regard to employment immigration and work permits in the USA, family sponsorship immigration as well as spouse immigration including green card applications. We also can assist you with investor based Immigration concerns.
Whether your immigration needs concern family, employment, or investor based immigration, Zamora-Services can help.
Our services will include completion of immigrant applications and petitions; collecting supporting documents; and ensuring thoroughness of the entire immigration packet; we track all correspondence and progress of petitions/applications filed through our company via a secure on-line portal with U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services.
While many choose to take on the responsibility of handling their own paperwork, a significant number of these applicants fail.
Filling in the blanks and completing forms is the easy part; submitting a compressive and successful packet is entirely another story.
The cost of failure is often measured in wasted time, money, and at worst jeopardizing future submissions.
Get it right the first time by letting us help you with all your immigration needs. Even if you a need a Immigration Specialist Lawyer we will refer you with him. 
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